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Welcome to Dandelion Health & Aesthetics Inc.

Certified Primal Health Coach & Registered Nurse

My name is Lori and I am the face behind Dandelion Health & Aesthetics Inc. I am a certified Primal Health Coach and Registered Nurse. I developed Dandelion Health with the intent to coach others, who like me, want to be healthy and enjoy life fully, without being fixated on food.  I think as humans we tend to over complicate things, when in reality, providing our body with the basics is the way to optimal health.

My approach is to simply go back to the basics of a primal lifestyle and work from there. My goal is to empower my clients to make healthy and supportive changes in their lives and really feel like they are back in control.

Growing up I always struggled with weight and body image…I was your typical chubby kid who got teased for being bigger than the other girls. I always compared myself to my thinner sisters, wishing I could be like them. I honestly don’t remember a time from childhood to my late 30’s that I loved or even liked my body.  I tried all of the diets, but nothing was ever sustainable.

I entered the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor about 10 years ago and things only escalated from there.  I became a chronic cardio-er/fitness junkie that relied on constant refuelling with carbs, and naps throughout the day to keep me going; put shift work on top of that and I was just exhausted all of the time. To anyone who knew me I was the “picture of health”, but my body was far from it on the inside.  I lost my menstrual cycle, I was tired all of the time, and I was always achy and swollen-hello inflammation!

So, then I just got sick of feeling..well sick and tired all the time.  I wanted to stop living so fixated on food (what was my next meal, when was my next meal, uh oh I better bring a snack in case I can’t eat right on time”, “I can’t go **enter event** because they won’t have anything I can eat”) and I wanted to stop feeling uncomfortable in my body. 

So...I found myself my very own Primal Health Coach and started living the primal lifestyle.  The changes were easy and it wasn't long before the inflammation came down, the  excess weight came off and I stopped being hangry all the time!

I was good for about a year until I changed focus in my job from 8 hr evening shifts to 12hr rotating day/night shifts.  This caused a lot of stress on my body with working nights and constant lack of sleep, that I couldn't manage my health just by attending to diet and exercise. I gained 20lbs within a year and decided that I needed to make a big change. I left bedside nursing for a Monday to Friday position in a busy neurology clinic. Since then I have been working on managing my stress and optimizing sleep, in addition to keeping up with my primal (carnivore) diet and movement; slowly things are improving. Why am I telling you all this? Because I want to drive home the reality that health isn't just what we eat and how we move, but also how we manage stress and optimize sleep.

I became a coach because I want to help others who struggle just as I have.  Being in nursing, the majority of people I take care of are those who have adversities from poor diet and lifestyle- it is all preventable!

I want to be at the forefront of empowering people to live an amazing life without sickness and adversities.


I will show you health is easily attainable and sustainable.  Book a Discovery Call with me now.  Its free and no obligation to sign up. What do you have to lose?

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